Summer Learning program fuels mind and body

The Richmond School District will be running its Summer Learning program this year to give students the opportunity to engage in further learning in areas of interest or passion. The courses, which cover both academic and elective subjects, are designed to give students a chance to get ahead, catch up, and have a productive summer.

Michael Khoo, the Director of Instruction - Continuing Education of the Richmond School District, said “it’s a great opportunity to engage in some learning that is different than the regular school year, and that is really focused to an area of interest or an area that needs improvement.”

From baking to badminton and jazz band to STEM, the Summer Learning program is also a great prospect for intellectual exploration. With free tuition for Canadian citizens and permanent residents, it also happens to be one of the most popular ways Richmond school-age students spend their summers. In fact, over 4,000 school-age students enrolled last year, tallying up to an impressive 20 percent of the district’s student population.

The program, which includes camps and classes for students aged six to 18, is also a great opportunity to get hands on experience. “Students really get the choice, so if they are interested in a certain area or have a summer project, the Summer Learning program can be the perfect place to get those practical and academic skills,” Khoo said.

Khoo added that the summer camps and classes are also designed to balance learning indoors and outdoors. The recently introduced summer exploration program, going into its third year, combines outdoor learning and activities with technology. Its counterpart, the summer innovation program, is ideal for students who are interested in learning with technology, as it focuses on coding and using applications for learning. All classes and camps are led by high quality teachers who engage students in a variety of dynamic and interactive learning.

To learn more about the Summer Learning 2018 and to register, visit or call 604-668-6123. 

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