Spread holiday cheer with the Richmond News’ Season of Giving Stars

The Christmas lights are going up and the countdown to December 25th has begun. At his time of year, there’s no better feeling than getting the perfect gift for that special person in your life. But with many people wanting to minimize the number of possessions in their home, whether it’s for environmental reasons or simply to declutter, and with so many community organizations needing our support, this could be the year you forego tangible presents in favour of something more meaningful.

The community around us is full of impactful organizations and charities who work hard to make the world a better place – usually on very small budgets. But you can make a difference for them. Consider contributing in a friend or family member’s name. By doing this, you give a gift twice – once to your loved one and once to a meaningful cause.

But with over 86,000 charities in Canada alone, it can be overwhelming to find a relevant organization. That’s why the Richmond News has curated this 2019 Season of Giving Stars. You can find causes that are meaningful to your friends and family, or choose one at random, while still knowing that wherever you give, you’re helping the local community flourish.

Whether you’re giving under a loved one’s name, or your own, you can spread holiday cheer to your community of neighbours, friends and family. And these causes can continue to provide impactful change and helpful resources to those who may be without this season.

So this year, look beyond the shopping malls, boxes and tags for the perfect gift. Give back to these local Season of Giving Stars and provide a merrier Christmas to your community – along with a brighter future.

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