Southeast Asian restaurant a feast for the senses in Richmond

If you’re craving excellent Thai and Malaysian food in Richmond, look no further than Tropika at Lansdowne Centre. Opened in 2013, it’s the second location of the business. The original location was opened on Denman Street in 1986 by Louis Kong and a friend who wanted to expand the options for international cuisine in the Vancouver area and bring something different that would be authentic yet still accessible for the western palate.

The Denman Street location eventually moved to Cambie Street at 14th Avenue but the offerings of fusion southeast Asian food (from Malaysian to Thai to Indonesian cuisine) has remained consistent at all locations over the years.The most popular items are the satay, skewers of grilled chicken, beef, pork or lamb, and the Roti Canai, a thin, savory pan-fried bread that comes with special curry dipping sauce, similar to Indian roti. In summer 2018, diners can look out for Dried Curry Soft Shelled Crab, which are in season in early summer.

While Thai and Malaysian dishes tend to be on the spicy side, not to fear, says Kong: Tropika offers heat options from not-at-all spicy to super-spicy. For those with an aversion to spice, knowledgeable staff are always on hand to offer recommendations.

For those trying Malaysian food for the first time, Kong suggests choosing a few Satays to start, then try some of the house specialties: Tropika home-style chicken and the pineapple rice (which actually comes in a pineapple), a Thai-style dish of rice, pan fried with herbs and veggies. It’s the perfect meal for two and an easy introduction to Malaysian and Thai food.

While Tropika offers a fusion of cuisines, it’s also a place where many cultures collide. The restaurant is home to a wide range of clientele and the owners are proud to serve approachable food for people from all different backgrounds.

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