Sense Massage: therapeutic massage for a healthier body

Edward Chang, a Registered Massage Therapist for Sense Massage clinic in Richmond, is passionate about the positive effects a therapeutic massage can have on your life.

"I get asked a lot about the difference between a regular massage and a therapeutic massage," he says. "While a regular massage can be relaxing, a therapeutic massage is focused more on recovery. At Sense Massage, we can do both, but as a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) my emphasis is on helping your body recover from stresses, strains, and chronic pain."

Sense Massage opened in October 2016, and already has great plans for the future.

"We're just finishing some renovations," he explains "and we're adding a couples' treatment room. We also feature an acupuncturist and the plan is to partner with a chiropractor and perhaps a naturopath, so we can offer an inter-disciplinary approach to chronic muscle pain and stress-related issues."

Edward and the team at Sense Massage deal with pain associated with car accidents, where clients suffer from chronic or acute neck or back pain.

"Many people don’t know that RMT is part of the Canadian healthcare system," he notes, "Therefore, insurance companies will reimburse the cost of treatment as they recognize that therapeutic massage services are a proven method of recovery for muscular related injuries."

In addition, over ninety percent of patients that Edward treats, work in office environments.

"Thanks to sitting at computers all day and holding phones to our ears, we no longer have good posture," says Edward. "A therapeutic massage will help alleviate the pain of tight muscles, and we'll give you a few tips for better posture while sitting at your desk."

For more information on Sense Massage and their services, call 604.284.0288, visit the website at, email, or stop by the clinic at 172-8180 No. 2 Road, Richmond. Sense Massage can also be found on Facebook.

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