Richmond tennis club draws in adults with cutting edge facilities

The Vancouver International Tennis Academy (VITA) at the River Club is opening its doors, and memberships, to adults. The academy, originally opened for juniors, is expanding its roster of players. In the short time since they opened in January 2018, the club’s popularity has grown immensely and by demand, now offers its world class facilities to adults as well.

“The biggest thing for adults when they come here is they’re always looking for tournaments, socials, leagues, and adult lessons,” said Todd Quesnel, the General Manager at VITA. “So we have the ability to create those programs.”

Because the academy is still in its infancy, Quesnel said, it is a real opportunity for its members to shape what they want it to look like. The tennis academy prides itself on letting its players, whether it be junior or adult players, create their own tennis. For the adult players, that could mean creating the social atmosphere where players can voice their opinions and desires. “That could be a men’s double nights, women’s doubles, mixed doubles, those are all things that we’re hoping to create as well as to add to that club atmosphere,” Quesnel added.

In addition to the tennis courts, VITA’s newly renovated gym, which is open seven days a week with extended hours, is another enticement for many adults. A yoga and dance studio is open for bookings and classes. More than that, the swimming pool and squash courts also provide VITA members with a large selection of exercise options. Squash memberships are available along with access to leagues, ladders, socials, tournaments, adult and junior private lessons. “We wanted to create a facility where adults could come in here and book courts, get a variety of different fitness options, and join a program that makes them feel like it’s a second home,” Quesnel said.

To learn more about Vancouver International Tennis Academy, visit or call 604-272-4400. You can also find Vancouver International Tennis Academy on Facebook and Instagram.

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