Revamped liquor store offers more choice, better prices

The old Kingswood Liquor Store offered fancy wines at fancy prices. The new one has the same high-end options, but also quality, great value beers, wines and spirits from near and far.

Most liquor stores are a pretty basic retail experience: Enter store, choose your tipple, pay and get out. You don’t get much in the way of assistance in choosing, say, a reasonably priced beer with a bit of character, a unique locally made whiskey, or a high-end wine for a special occasion.

Kingswood Liquor Store is now under new ownership, and has been renovated and revamped with all those aims in mind. First, there’s the design – light, bright, and well laid-out, with everything easy to find. Then, there’s the selection available. Previously, the store was known for its high-end, high-priced reds. The revamped store still stocks those, but now has almost anything else you could want too. “In terms of wine, we’ve really focused on bringing in the high quality, lower priced bottles around the $25 and below mark,” explains manager Adam Lennon. “The beer selection was very standard before, but now we have craft beers, limited releases and specialities that you can’t get anywhere else in Richmond – more than 60 different lines.” Adam has done a similar job on everything else, bringing in spirits from local distillers and ensuring that there’s a real breadth to what’s available, both in terms of price and variety.

The final key to Kingswood’s new success is Adam himself. Born and raised in Ireland, he’s worked in the liquor industry for years, both here and at home. “I’ve studied wine, beer and spirits for years and have all the qualifications, so I know how to ensure that we have a great selection of drinks to offer customers, and I can help them choose the right one for their occasion,” he says. “We’re a friendly and knowledgeable team, not intimidating like some liquor stores. We have a great rapport with customers, make them feel welcome, and ensure they enjoy their experience here.”

Stock up for the Labour Day weekend at Kingswood Liquor Store, which is at 9371 No 5 Road, Richmond and is open every day from 9am to 11pm. Find out more on Facebook and Instagram, @kingswoodliquor.


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