Realty group bolsters community, invests in next generation

You may not know its name, but you know its buildings, its malls, its tenants, and its vendors. Dorset Realty Group, this year’s recipient of the Best Property Management in Richmond, is the solid, dependable backbone of the Richmond community.

“We’re all over the place and I think that living in Richmond, you would be interacting with our business in some way,” CEO Damien Roussin said, “if you don’t live in one of our buildings, you likely shop at a centre we manage.” Anchored in 43 years of serving Richmond, Dorset partners with various businesses, residences, homeowners and shop owners.

“We want housing to be taken care of, we want housing to be affordable and accessible, we want housing to be safe and being used properly,” Roussin said, “on the commercial side, we work with businesses in our malls to ensure they’re serving the community and the community’s serving them.” Working as a middleman between consumers and vendors, tenants and landlords, Dorset Realty ensures the community’s needs are matched with the services it offers, and in turn, that businesses are getting customers from that community.

“Being a part of the community is our business and we don’t take that lightly. We don’t take it for granted,” Roussin said.

Dorset also acknowledges that Richmond is a uniquely diverse and transformative place. “Richmond is changing very quickly, namely along No. 3 Road, and in the core, and we’re really working on partnerships with new developers, new owners and with new people moving to Richmond to make sure we’re here for another 43 years,” Roussin shared. He assured that “by no means are we one and done, we’re truly invested in the next generation of our company,” and with that, the next generation of Richmond.

To learn more about Dorset Realty Group, visit, call 604-270-1711, or email You can also find Dorset Realty Group on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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