Pharmasave Richlea Square uses advanced methods for better health results

With specialized consultations, DNA testing, Ideal Protein weight loss program and travel clinics staffed with medical professionals, Pharmasave Richlea Square is not your average pharmacy.

“We try to incorporate as many different and trusted resources into our pharmacy so we can better serve our community,” said Lina Ooi, the founder and co-owner of the pharmacy. With over a decade of experience as a pharmacist, Ooi enjoys being rooted in her Richmond community. Knowing her customers by name, she is focused on quality customer care.

“One of our invaluable resources is our travel clinic,” Ooi noted. With a resident pharmacist available to do in-store consultations, globetrotters can rest assured knowing they can get their vaccines and pre-travel medications all in one place. “It’s all about convenience,” Ooi said.

In addition to the travel clinics, Pharmasave Richlea Square also runs a program called MyDNA. With a personalized medical report, Ooi and her colleagues can better administer medications to their customers. “If one of our customers is experiencing side effects from a given medication or it is not working ideally for them, we can do a DNA test that would determine why they are reacting the way they are to these medications, and adjust the doses or suggest an alternative medication that would work better for them based on their genetic make-up” she explained. With MyDNA, the pharmacists can ultimately tailor medications to a customer’s genetic profile.

All of these resources are an addition to the already existing full-service pharmacy that is equipped with home healthcare products, including ambulatory needs and compression stockings. “We’re different from your typical pharmacy,” Ooi said. Being a dedicated professional, she also cares about the needs of her community and looks for opportunities to offer her customers more.

To learn more about Pharmasave Richlea Square,MyDNA and Travel Clinics, visit or call 604-241-2898.

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