Persian restaurant celebrates ingredients of the Middle East

In the Persian language, AnAr translates to pomegranate, a remarkably nutritious and healthy fruit. The owners of the restaurant, Tila and her brother David, chose this name because they felt the word ‘Pomegranate’ would reflect their commitment to healthy cuisine. Staying true to its namesake, the food served up at AnAr Restaurant tastes good and has everything you need for your daily nutrition.

“We use AnAr as much as we can in the cooking here,” Tila said. “It is very important for us to maintain our cultural heritage.” From well-known applications, like using pomegranate juice, to more ethnic and creative uses, such as pomegranate paste and seasoning, AnAr’s team always finds a way to use the nourishing, simple ingredient.

Healthy ingredients are made a priority in AnAr’s kitchen. Focusing its dishes around interesting, delicious food, prepared in different ways to ensure the highest nutrition, is what the restaurant does best. “We put our heart on the plate,” Tila said. A mother herself, she cooks for her customers just as if they were her own family. It is not uncommon for her to encourage customers to take their leftovers home for tomorrow’s lunch – after all, the portions are fairly sizable at AnAr.

Serving up dishes that are rooted deeply in Iranian culture and history, AnAr boasts a wildly fun menu. Take, for instance, their Zeytoon Parvardeh, a delicacy of olives marinated in a walnut pomegranate sauce that, as Tila mentioned, has been around for over 500 years. “We do that dish the same way as it has been done in my family, generation after generation.”

Often steaming or barbequing food to maintain optimal nutrition, the menu of the restaurant is very simple. Lemon and lime, salt and pepper, olive oil, saffron, and turmeric are all natural ingredients that are kept within an arm’s reach in the kitchen. With vegetable-rich stews and mouthwatering kebabs, there is something new for everyone to try at AnAr.

To find out more about AnAr, visit, email, or call 778-834-1707. You can also find AnAr on Facebook

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