One bite is all it takes for bakery bliss

A Richmond bakery is starting new traditions for its customers - with just one bite. Customers can try the unique birthday cakes from the Boss Bakery at Blundell Centre. The key is the special dough, said Richie Lai, who helps runs the family-owned bakery.

“The cake, it’s very light, not heavy at all,” Richie said, “It’s soft and not too sweet, either.”

The style is typical of a traditional Asian bakery, which goes back to the Boss Bakery’s roots in Hong Kong. That’s where Richie’s brother, Jason, learned the trade and then brought his expertise to Canada when the family moved here in 1977.

“Jason, he’s the hands-on guy,” Richie said, adding that complementing the not-too-sweet cake is the variety of tasty layers customers can choose.

“Some people like to have fruit cocktail sandwiched in between. You can also have mango, which is really delicious,” Richie said. “And there’s always chocolate or coffee, instead.”

A sure sign the cakes are a hit is the amount of repeat business the bakery gets.

“Customers come in, order one for the first time and they keep coming back, ordering for another special occasion.”

“It’s really catching on,” Richie said.

While the birthday sponge cake is not overly sweet, the opposite goes for the sweet buns at the Boss Bakery, where one of the favourites comes filled with coconut.

But for those craving something a little more savoury, the bakery also has traditional style, barbecue pork and curried beef buns.

All in all, the choices at the Boss Bakery can please just about any taste.

“We enjoy providing a good variety to our customers,” Richie said, adding the bakery’s reputation has grown over the years, something that’s in keeping with the name of the business.

But if you were wondering if it had something to do with a celebrity TV baker, think again. “It was Jason’s idea. It’s more the translation of a Chinese name, not a TV show,” Richie laughed, adding the name is derived from Tai Pan.

“In Hong Kong, there are a lot of businesses that use Tai Pan, which means you are the boss, a recognized person in the community. “And when we please a customer, we like to think we’ve accomplished that standing,” Richie said.

For more information about the Boss Bakery, please call 604-273-2677.

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