MBA studies get a personal touch

Earning an MBA involves much more than academic diligence and an excellent work ethic. It includes a valuable personal and social dimension as well.

And it’s precisely that interactive facet that sets Trinity Western University (TWU) apart, says Mark Lee, director of the university’s MBA program, which offers studies in international business at its central Richmond campus.

Manageable class size is an important factor in creating a personalized and relevant MBA experience, Lee says.

“Given the relatively small class sizes—we try and keep it to under 30 students—what you find is more interaction among the students and the professor,” he says. “So, there [are] a lot of relationships that develop, which is unique to our program.”

Those interactions happen readily between TWU students and their instructors, who have a wealth of academic and practical experience.

“The professors possess a lot of business experience, so they can talk about the practical applications of the program, the theory, and what works and what doesn’t,” Lee says. “They’ve run companies and have extensive experience, which really helps in bringing the material alive for the students, especially those who have been in the workforce and have the scar tissue to show for it.”

TWU’s MBA also lends itself to an enriching cross-cultural experience, as students enrolling in the Richmond program come from around the globe.

“A lot of business success in foreign countries comes down to building relationships,” Lee explains. “And when they are studying here over a period of two years, they can develop relationships with people they can trust and possibly do business with in the future.”

Roughly 50 percent of the students enrolled at TWU plan on going back to their family businesses or current jobs, while the other half are considering opportunities to live and work in Canada for a period of time.

For international students planning to return to their home countries, an MBA earned overseas can give them a distinct advantage for two important reasons.

“First of all, it gives them the opportunity to communicate in English at a high level, which would help them career-wise. Plus, there’s developing an understanding of the English-speaking culture, which could be one they end up doing business with at some point in the future.”

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