Largest bubble tea chain opens its newest location in Richmond

CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice is a leading brand of bubble tea in its industry, with over 4000 stores across the world. Two of the stores are located right here in Richmond, in Blundell Centre and the Continental Shopping Center.

“We provide a variety of choices of fruity teas, milk teas and slushes,” says Yi Yang, who is a co-owner of both Richmond locations with Jennifer Zheng. “Our signature pearl milk tea, strawberry series and peach series are especially popular.”

Bubble tea is a cold drink made with iced tea, sweetened milk and other flavourings, usually served with sweet black pearls made from tapioca.

“CoCo is famous for the unique tea flavour which is made with the best black tea in the world, produced in Sri Lanka,” Yang says. “We guarantee the best taste in the market and that is the reason why we are the largest bubble tea chain in the world.”

Yang and Zheng were inspired to open up their own CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice stores after experiencing the spirit of the company and appreciating the dedication of its employees thanks to the high standards of store managers that ensure the exceptional quality of their drinks.

“CoCo brings the same taste to our customers all over the world, no matter if they are in China, North America, or Europe,” Yang says.

CoCo Tea prides itself on its rigorous quality control along each step of the process, including storage, preparation and serving.

“We want to provide drinks that give people sparks of happiness and warmth,” Yang says. “It’s important to me that every employee of CoCo has the passion to bring our customers the best experience of bubble tea in the world.”

Try Coco Fresh Tea & Juice’s famous bubble tea at the Blundell Center next time you’re in the area. You can also visit their website for more information.

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