Lansdowne restaurant serves up late-night Chinese eats

To say that Ken is passionate about No.9 Restaurant is an understatement. He’s so passionate about the restaurant that he was a customer there for many years, enjoying its authentic Hong Kong Cafe-style comfort food on a regular basis. So passionate, that he is now the daytime manager at No.9’s Lansdowne Centre location.

Opened in 1998, No.9 Restaurant Lansdowne Centre serves hearty favourites such as chicken wings, BBQ duck, BBQ pork and fried rice. Open 24 hours a day, it’s busiest for lunch, dinner and late nights on weekends. While the menu specials change often, Ken says the BBQ pork and soy beef rice noodles are his all-time favourites.

The eatery has a casual and busy atmosphere, which is great for families during the day and on weekends. Being open 24 hours, it’s also one of Richmond’s most popular late-night eateries. “We serve comfort food. We have a lot of loyal customers who travel, and they miss our food whenever they go away. No.9 Restaurant is often the first stop when people come back, because it reminds them of home.”

The restaurant is a staple of the Richmond food scene, beloved by happy family groups and late-night revelers alike. “We’ve seen children who grew up coming to the restaurant are now coming in with their own kids. We must be doing something right!” says Ken. “Some of our front end staff and some of our chefs have been with us from day one. We feel like this is our second family.”

While the food is the main draw for customers, don’t forget to look for the Lego Shelf, where you’ll see some of the great creations, lovingly built by the owner’s son, Rich, with help from his dad.


No.9 Restaurant is located at 5300 No. 3 Rd #812, Richmond, 604-278-7700.

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