Keeping things fresh the key to long-time fish seller’s success in Richmond

When it came to showcasing some of the freshest and highest quality seafood to be found in the Lower Mainland, Jennifer and Jay Yoo had distinctly different approaches at their store, Super Seafoods in Blundell Centre.

“When my late father ran things he would stock the whole front refrigerator with all kinds of fish in a very elaborate, beautiful display,” says Hijong Del Forno. “Presentation was very important to him.

“But when you put out too much fish, and you don’t sell it all, it can get spoiled.”

Today, Del Forno’s mom has a very different approach.

“She puts out just enough for the day. She’s been working for so long now she knows how much will sell.”

The result is a much more sparse, but economical display.

“It may not be as impressive as what my dad put out, but it’s the best, fresh fish you can find,” Del Forno says. “My mom displays the best quality products in just the right amounts.”

Among the fresh products available are wild salmon, halibut, sole, snapper, cod and many more.

And all can be packed for travel.

“My mom is very particular. She used to work in hospital labs when she was younger and has a high standard for cleanliness. So, the customers know this and the business is trusted for its high quality of products.”

The two display formulas have certainly been successful as Super Seafoods has been in business for more than three decades and has collected its fair share of customer-nominated awards along the way.

“Some people have been coming here since they took over the original store 30 years ago,” Del Forno says. “They become like good friends. Sometimes they bring my mom lunch, flowers and other things because she’s so giving and generous.

“And in a competitive business where mom and pop stores, like my mom’s, have a difficulty surviving, she stays busy, keeping her customers happy.”

So, how do they react to her display?

“New customers, some of them, may think there is not enough fish on hand, but mom always has enough in storage coolers and fresh frozen in her freezers to meet demand.

“When you ask, she will bring it out,” Del Forno says. “The freshness and trust, that’s been the key.”

For more information about Super Seafoods, call 604- 271-1424. 

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