Innovative Richmond natural skin care manufacturer helps keep skin healthy every day

10H PLUS is a licensed Canadian skin care manufacturer meeting the highest standards for producing natural, organic and cruelty-free products using pure, earth-friendly ingredients.

Passionate about the environment, 10H PLUS has a deep respect for nature and its healing powers. The company is committed to their responsibility to society and their desire to help bring harmony and hope to benefit healthy skin.

10H PLUS saw a need to be filled when some dermatologists attending a 2012 United States beauty conference highlighted a problem in the industry. They said that although medical skin treatments produce immediate, effective results, patients undergoing these procedures suffered from redness, irritation and hypersensitivity of the skin. They were unable to find anything currently on the market to soothe their patient’s discomfort and pain.

Through innovation, 10H PLUS developed the Blueberry Enzyme Mask. It is chemical-free, natural, organic and healing. The product is made in their strictly monitored and controlled facility using advanced production and testing equipment.

The uniqueness of the Blueberry Enzyme Mask refreshes, restores and revives. It immediately gets rid of skin redness, quickly repairs wounds, soothes pain, nourishes the skin and helps repair skin cells. It provides great benefits to people who suffer with eczema, skin allergies and burns and can help change skin dramatically. Since all the ingredients are natural with zero side effects, rigidly inspected, extensively lab tested and rated as high as food-grade level, it is safe for use for pregnant and nursing women or babies with skin problems.

How to Use the Blueberry Enzyme Mask

Apply the mask to your face and neck daily. Let it dry overnight for a minimum of five hours, then rinse it off with water.

Users following these guidelines each night have found that they wake up with firm, smooth, bright skin in the morning.The consumers will end up saving money on other products, such as moisturizers, facials and toners when they use this mask as they will have naturally healthy, glowing skin. It can be used after a facial, laser or other medical skin treatments—even when you are travelling by plane.

10H PLUS takes its commitment to society seriously and has built its core values into its name. 10H stands for humanity, health, harmony, hope, happiness, honor, honesty, holy, help and horizon. And PLUS represents perfection, loyalty, uniqueness and smartness. 10H Plus was recently a finalist for Richmond’s Business Excellence Award.

Find out more about 10H PLUS innovative skin care products or call 604-370-0534 to purchase this locally made Blueberry Enzyme Mask. 

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