Hot summer fashion: 4 trends to watch

The days are getting warmer and that means it’s time for a change of wardrobe.

This year, there are plenty of summer fashion picks that are perfect for the West Coast, according to Elif Costello, one of the owners of Aldila Boutique.

One of the season’s most interesting offerings is linen, according to Costello, who says the material is meant to be worn casual and flowy, so it works well for hot days.

Here are Costello’s four trends to watch out for:

1.     Natural fabrics.Women are going natural this summer, with fabrics such as linen and cotton. Linen pieces can be quite unique, according to Costello, and less structured and formal. Aldila carries linen lines from Italy and California.

2.     Maxi dresses. The casual, ankle-grazing maxi dress is back again this summer, but in a variety of fabrics and styles, from bohemian to a more minimalist look. The lengthy frocks are versatile and can be worn anywhere, from dinner parties to the beach.  

3.     Neutrals. The Pantone colour picks for the year were rose quartz and serenity (light blue). Because of this, the season’s palette is made up of neutral and pastel tones, Costello says. Crisp whites, soft grays and taupes will be gracing storefronts this summer. 

4.     Pops of colour. Though the colours of summer are a bit more muted on the runways this year, there is still a lot of love for bright colours. Costello is quick to remind us that vibrant pinks and turquoise are always popular choices when the weather heats up, and bold hues continue to be a classic choice for the season.

There are plenty of accessories that perfectly complement a summer wardrobe but none more so than a classic jean jacket – especially here in the Lower Mainland.

 “A classic jean jacket is always good to have for over your dresses and over just casual tunics and jeans,” Costello explains. “And with our climate in Vancouver, even in the high summer you need that little jacket at night.”

To find out more about this summer’s trends, visit Aldila Boutique in Richmond Centre, call 604-244-0484, email or visit their website. Aldila and can be found on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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