Hearing loss not to be feared with caring, professional help at hand

Ever notice that people often seem to mumble or not pronounce their words clearly?

Do you miss out on conversations while in a group of people?

Or is the TV volume always too low to fully enjoy your favourite program?

Those may all be signs you are experiencing hearing loss.

Thankfully, the trained, helpful and friendly staff at Expert Hearing Solutions in Blundell Centre can help with what, for many, can be an embarrassing or even frightening subject they’d prefer to avoid.

“I have quite a few customers whose family members have come in to talk about the hearing problems of their loved one - a parent or spouse - who are reluctant or even scared to come in,” says Lily Liu, a Registered Hearing Instrument Practitioner at the Blundell location, one of 18 Expert Hearing Solutions across B.C. “We can make them feel secure that hearing loss is a normal, age-related condition, and not something to be embarrassed by or feared.”

Often, initial hearing loss can be mischaracterized as someone else’s problem - they are not speaking loud enough or aren’t pronouncing words clearly.

“When they miss a conversation, think someone is mumbling, or have to turn up the volume of the TV, those are early signs,” Lui says.

The staff at Expert Hearing Solutions can help remedy those problems and enhance their customers’ lives with the assistance today’s high-tech hearing aids can provide.

And it can all start with a simple hearing test at the store.

“They can come in for a screening and simply talk, ask questions and meet with me to discuss their personal situation,” Liu says. “It doesn’t hurt to find out what can be done to make things better for them.”

Consultations are free of charge and can also include a no-obligation, free trial of the latest, Bluetooth-enabled, hearing aid technology to help customers experience the difference they can make in their lives.

Often, it’s a significant and emotional revelation.

“Everyone’s reaction is different,” Liu says. “Some feel sad. For others, they know they have hearing loss and their visit is to confirm it.

“Others leave with a big smile and are happy their lives have changed for the better.

“Whatever the situation, we are here to care and help with whatever a customer is going through.”

For more about Expert Hearing Solutions, visit their website at experthearingsolutions.com.

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