Good prices, yes, but customer service is tops at dollar store

After 24 years in business, the value of a dollar may have changed at Loonie Town. But the benefits one of Richmond’s longest running dollar stores continues to provide its customers have never waned, says Helene Abegg, store manager at the Blundell Centre location.

It’s the place they can trust to have that last-minute greeting card and wrapping paper, picnic supplies and lightbulbs.

It’s been a shopping adventure for wide-eyed youngsters and wise bargain-hunters.

And Abegg has seen generations of customers pass through the doors.

“I’ve seen our customers mature with the store,” she says. “They’ve come here when their kids were young. Now those kids are adults and are bringing their own little ones in. This store definitely has a family feeling.”

When Loonie Town first opened its doors in the early 1990s, it was one of the first dollar stores in Richmond.

“I came along a few years after they started and worked at the Garden City location, then moved here to Blundell Centre in the new millennium,” Abegg says.

But in all that time, the basic makeup of Loonie Town hasn’t changed.

“We do our very best to be here for all the customers,” she says. “And they appreciate having a little dollar store in the neighbourhood. As a result, our customers became well known to us. And our goal has always been to serve them well with good service.”

So, what makes a dollar store successful for such a long time?

Abegg says it comes down to a variety of factors.

“Probably providing good service is most important,” she explains. “We want customers to feel that this is not a big box store where they feel anonymous. We want to help them find what they need.”

Product mix is another important factor as Loonie Town does its best to stock the best quality goods for the price. They even take customer feedback to heart and respond as best as they can to suggestions for carrying specific items.

And, of course, price is a concern.

“Customers, they look for good prices, yes. But they also come to us for everyday items that we have carried all of these years. They come for the convenience of knowing we are open every day, except Christmas and New Year’s Day, and will have what they need for a good price. And they appreciate that.”

For more information about Loonie Town, visit their Facebook page or call 604-448-1989.

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