Ginger Indian Cuisine: Spice up your life with fresh Indian food

Bob Singh knows his Indian food, so when he decided to open a restaurant, he knew it had to be an Indian restaurant.

"Both my wife and I have a background in restaurant management and cooking," Bob says. "When we decided to open a restaurant in Richmond, we wanted to bring the taste of authentic Indian food to both Indian and non-Indian families."

Conveniently located near the busy Bridgeport Road in Richmond, their Ginger Indian Cuisine  restaurant opened in February 2013 and has become a popular place to dine on delicious food.

"Indian food is very flavourful and it's popular with meat eaters and vegetarians alike," Bob says.

In fact, the menu at Ginger Indian Cuisine offers approximately 10-12 meat and fish dishes and an equal number of vegetarian items.

"We keep the menu quite small," Bob explains, "because we cook everything fresh. We don't even have a freezer in the kitchen; we only serve freshly made food."

Ginger Indian Cuisine is family-friendly and happy to reduce the spice content of any dish to accommodate younger taste buds.

"We call it 'kid spice'," Bob laughs. "Because we serve everything fresh when you order, we can increase or decrease the amount of spices in the food. If you want it hot and spicy, we can do that, but we can also make mild and medium-spiced dishes, or no spice for children. My young daughter eats here often, because she loves it so much."

If you're looking for lunch on the run or a dinner date at home, Bob and his professional team at Ginger Indian Cuisine have you covered there too. Phone in your order and take your food back to the office or home.

For more information on the Ginger Indian Cuisine restaurant or to sample their delicious food, stop by 140-3031 Beckman Place, Richmond, call 604.370.1200, visit the website, or email: Ginger Indian Cuisine can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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