Get fit and toned for everyday life, the Pilates way

Everyday workouts for everyday people.

That pretty much sums up the philosophy behind exercising the Pilates way, which is coming to the Coppersmith Corner Shopping Centre at Ironwood with the opening in early June of a brand new Club Pilates studio.

Located between Nando’s and Mark’s Work Warehouse, it covers 2,000 square feet and is equipped with 12 Pilates reformers - specialized workout machines which incorporate flexibility and resistance exercises developed by Joseph Pilates, who created the exercise format around the conclusion of the Second World War. He used his experience working with injured soldiers to help them regain their mobility.

In the 1950s and ‘60s, the Pilates method gained a following with celebrities and athletes of the era, and it has continued to grow in popularity to this day.

Club Pilates started in San Diego in 2007, California, as an affordable format for customers.

Today, Club Pilates has expanded to 600 franchised locations across the U.S. with nine in Canada, and others across the globe.

“Our new location is one of just four Club Pilates in B.C.,” says franchise owner Siew Baxter. “And we will be offering classes for everyone at any level of fitness.

“We don’t try to make all of our customers look like bodybuilders,” Baxter adds. “But we still want them to develop muscle tone that will help them with their everyday life. We want them to be both flexible and strong.

“It’s not always about how you look. It’s more about how you feel.”

In keeping with social distancing guidelines during the current COVID-19 pandemic, Club Pilates at Ironwood will be incorporating special measures to help keep its members safe.

Each of the reformers will be placed six feet apart.

And when classes do start, the studio will run at half capacity.

“We’ll have just six members per class, one person on every other reformer, keeping us well within the social distancing guidelines,” Baxter said. “Everyone will be at least 12 feet apart.”

There will also be a half-hour break between classes so studio staff can thoroughly clean and disinfect the equipment before a new class begins. And those incoming customers will then switch to the reformers not used by the previous class.

To help customers ease into the Pilates format, there are virtual exercises posted on the Club Pilates website which can be performed without a reformer machine - all you need is a mat and floorspace.

And the Ironwood studio will celebrate its soft opening in the first week of June with free introductory classes. From June 8, regular classes for signed-up members begin, but will also feature some free sessions throughout the week.

For more about the new Club Pilates studio at Ironwood, and opportunities to become an instructor, visit, email, or call 604-332-3288.

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