From memory to plate: How one restaurant brings the flavours of Uganda to Richmond

“Like most families, food and cooking food has always brought loved ones together around the table or around the kitchen,” said Amin Sunderji. As the owner of Ember Indian Kitchen, an upscale, casual restaurant in Richmond serving up Ugandan and Indian fare, Amin set out to bring people together the one way he knows best: through flavour.

Amin named his restaurant after the burning char used to grill food and cook curries back in his home in East Africa. “Today, we are introducing the fusion of African and Indian cooking using such flames to ensure succulent and memorable meals in a warm, trendy atmosphere,” he added.

Every dish is unique in its fresh ingredients and bold spices; sharing and even eating with hands is encouraged. “This is a whole new taste experience for most people – even those familiar with Indian or African dishes,” Amin said. The elegantly designed restaurant offers a curated selection of East African and East Indian dishes that you would likely find in Uganda.

Though the names may be unfamiliar, the rich flavours and ingredients are inherently comforting, regardless of where you come from or what language you speak. Just try the coconut curry chicken, Kuku Paka, which is Amin’s grandchildren’s favourite, and, in the restaurant’s early months, became a hit right away. Vegetarian and gluten-free options are available as well; the Vegetable Pakora and Spinach Bhajia, a spinach and chickpea flour dish, are perfect for sharing. Like dishes that you would find on the streets of Kampala, Uganda, at Ember Indian Kitchen they use homemade marinades for meat and cook their vegetarian dishes with distinctive herbs and spices celebrating memories from the owner’s life.

What is Amin’s favourite dish? Probably the Kari Kebabs, an appetizer that the Sunderji family continues to enjoy on a regular basis. “They are flavorful meatballs spiced with cumin, garlic, ginger, and cilantro,” he explained.

In a place where “you can try new things and know they will be delicious,” stop by to enjoy lunch, dinner or snacks and drinks. “We look forward to sharing a fabulous patio season with everyone,” Amin said.

To learn more about Ember Indian Kitchen, you can visit, call 604-370-4485, or email The restaurant is located at 135-6160 Dyke Road. You can also find Ember Indian Kitchen on Facebook and Instagram.

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