Fresh, quality ingredients at Ginger Indian Cuisine

When Bob Singh and his wife considered opening a restaurant in Richmond, he knew that he only wanted to serve fresh ingredients with no additives.

"If you come into Ginger Indian Cuisine," he says, "you will see that none of the items on the menu have artificial food colouring in them. If a dish requires some colouring, then we make that in the kitchen from natural ingredients. If we can't make a suitable fresh food dye, then we don't serve the dish."

This passion for only quality ingredients extends to not serving pre-made frozen food.

"We don't have a freezer in the kitchen," Bob says. "Everything on the menu is made fresh. Indian food is much more flavourful when it is made from fresh ingredients and cooked without freezing."

Whenever he can, Bob sources his ingredients from the local markets and suppliers.

"Another thing we do at Ginger Indian Cuisine," Bob explains, "is we hand cut all our vegetables and meat. Often restaurants will use a machine to cut the meat, but the benefit of hand cutting is that the flavour of the meat comes through much nicer. For example, people often tell me that our lamb is the best that they have tasted. It's because we have cut the joints by hand and only include the best parts of the meat. Lamb has become known as our specialty."

When asked why some Indian food can be really spicy, sometimes too spicy, Bob quickly responds:

"It is because the food has been prepared beforehand and frozen. When the dish has been prepared, it's difficult to alter the spice level, plus the spices grow stronger with time. At Ginger Indian Cuisine, we prepare the food when you order. So, if you want spicy, we can give you spicy. But, if you're sensitive to spices, we can alter the amount and give you a taste you will enjoy."

There's even a spice level called "kid spice."

"It's no spice at all," laughs Bob, "so it's suitable for children of any age and adults who prefer very little or no spice in their dishes."

For more information on the Ginger Indian Cuisine restaurant and their fresh ingredients, stop by

140-3031 Beckman Place, Richmond, call 604.370.1200 for a reservation, visit the website, or email: Ginger Indian Cuisine can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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