Five ways capital cooler rentals could save the day

When it comes to food storage systems for outdoor events, retrofitted cargo trailers have been the industry standard. But Capital Cooler Rentals, a new company based out of Richmond and servicing the Lower Mainland, has a fleet of restaurant grade walk-in portable freezers, able to freeze food to a temperature of -12. Dragons’ Den investors loved the idea so much, back when it was originally presented to them in November 2017, that three Dragons offered to buy into a share of the business from the two firefighters who came on the show to pitch the idea. One of three locations, in Richmond, is now owned by Andrew Caras and his fiancé, Ronalee Dumond. Here, five situations when Capital Cooler Rentals could help business owners in a bind.

1.      You’re hosting an event this summer. Whether you’re planning a music festival, wedding or sporting event, Capital Cooler Rentals can support food services by providing short and long-term storage. This also includes beverage storage (because who wants to drink warm beer?).


2.     Your equipment is on the fritz. “If your walk-in cooler breaks down you can put all of your merchandise into (our cooler), and basically we’re protecting your investment,” says Caras. This can prevent food from perishing in cases when a repair technician isn’t available to fix a business owner’s walk-in freezer or cooler for a day or two.


3. There’s an emergency or a natural disaster. Capital Cooler Rentals’ trailers can be run on generators with a minimum of 3,500 watts. “We don’t provide these generators at this time,” says Caras, “but clients can go to any equipment rental provider and pick one up.”


4. Health Care Facilities & Labs. “Storing temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals is one area we overlooked,” says Caras. “Our Ottawa location is getting busier with this industry, including University Labs,” he continues.


5. You’re filming on location. Capital Cooler Rentals provides rentals to support companies hired to cater for film crews. “We provide short and long-term rentals to keep food fresh for the stars,” Caras explains.

For more information and bookings, visit or call 1-877-626-6537.

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