Family support key to this Richmond trucking company’s continuous growth

Like many local, family-owned businesses, Sandhar Trucking—a transportation and warehousing company based in Richmond, B.C.—has its own story.

Over 30 years ago, a young couple moved to Canada to pursue their dreams and start a family business. “My dad started the company with a single five-ton truck, and my mom would take care of everything in the office. She used to walk to Richmond Public Library to take computer courses because everything was done manually prior to that,” says Aaron Sandhar, manager of Sandhar Trucking.

Once Sandhar and his brother, Steven Sandhar, finished their education at Kwantlen University and BCIT, they decided to use their skills and help grow the family business.

“I was able to apply the skills I learned in university to build a strong sales team and put together a marketing plan which helped us acquire new business,” Sandhar says. His brother focused on implementing modern software systems that supported their growth and streamlined their operations.

As a result, Sandhar Trucking has expanded its services throughout Canada to include LTL/FTL trucking, container drayage, flat-deck transport and warehousing. 

But the whole Sandhar family is still involved in daily operations and everyone is supportive of each other.

“We are all heavily involved in the day-to-day operations and we always come together when making important strategic decisions. I focus more on our container trucking division, Steven handles our LTL/FTL and warehousing division, my mom oversees accounting, and my dad does a little bit of everything,” says Sandhar.

Sandhar is proud of how much their company has grown over the years, especially considering their humble beginnings, and they have no plans to slow down.

The company will be expanding its current warehouse and yard into a 100,000 square foot facility in January. “We are expecting to add 15 new trucks by the end of 2021 to support the growth in our FTL trucking division,” he says. Next year, Sandhar Trucking will also focus on expanding their operations into the U.S.

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