Experience a key when choosing a dry cleaning service

Not all dry cleaners are created equal.

Most offer convenience and quality, with quick turn-around times and thorough cleaning that can help extend the wearable life of a garment.

But an experienced and respected operator, like Easy Care Dry Cleaners, which has served customers at Blundell Centre since 2009, has added services, which set it apart, that include in-store alterations and specialized cleaning to preserve cherished clothing, such as wedding dresses.

“If customers need a dress hemmed or pants shortened, we can do all of that. Plus, we specialize in cleaning wedding dresses that people have invested a lot of money in and want to have them cleaned properly,” says owner Sam Bains, who has been in the industry for 30 years and runs the operation with wife Sharan.

“Often, those dresses can come in very dirty because they’ve been dragged through sand or dirt after a wedding party has had pictures taken in, perhaps, a garden setting,” he says. “We make sure the dress gets cleaned well and safely to ensure no damage is incurred. And then we box it up in a special container so it can be stored and preserved as a commemorative keepsake that, maybe, a daughter or granddaughter will wear sometime in the future.”

Helping ensure that is Bains’ experience in the dry cleaning business, which has changed greatly over that time, most notably with the elimination of harsh dry cleaning chemicals, something Easy Care Dry Cleaners has subscribed to for many years.

“The most significant change has been the type of solvents that are used,” Bains explains. “Many dry cleaners still use perc (perchloroethylene), which is toxic and will eventually be banned.

“We don’t use it. We use hydrocarbon, which is non-toxic, biodegradable, environmentally safe and odourless.”

That means your clothes don’t get returned to you with that old, trademark “dry cleaner” smell.

“The old solvent smell, customers don’t like that. So, this new product is popular,” Bains says.

And that has helped encourage customers to bring in more than just men’s suits and women’s high-end dresses that require dry cleaning.

“I have plenty of customers who bring in their dress shirts who swear they last longer because the dry cleaning process we use does such a good job of preserving them,” Bains says.

For more about how Easy Care Dry Cleaners can treat your clothing right, visit them at Blundell Centre, call 604-274-2711and ask them about their pick-up and delivery service within Richmond.

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