Embracing Canadian culture in seaside Steveston

Canada may be a nation only breaching its infancy but its history is just as rich and diverse as any other nation on earth. And any history that contributes to the creation and characteristics of a place and its people deserves to be celebrated.

Since 1945, the people of Steveston Village in Richmond have celebrated the heritage of their unique seaside community with a festival reflective of our resource-rich background: The Steveston Salmon Festival.

The festival remains a welcoming beacon to British Columbians and Canadians alike to embrace our nation as one steeped in the bountiful, beautiful landscape that defines who we are as a people. The Salmon Festival rejoices in the traditions of our country, as well as spreads awareness of how our country was built, and why the environment and the preservation of the ecosystem is important.

“Our founders viewed this community as ‘let’s grow something great for our families and our future generations’ and so, we feel it’s just as important to continue with that goal and with that vision,” said Janice Froese, Administrative Coordinator at the Richmond Agricultural and Industrial Society. “Steveston is still effectively like a small town within a big city and for us it’s the spirit of Steveston and carrying on that legacy that was started by our founding fathers.”

The Richmond Agricultural and Industrial Society has been at the helm of the festival for many years, and the celebration has grown from a fundraiser to build a playground in Steveston Park in 1944, to a full-fledged commemoration of the Canadian biography that attracts nearly 80,000 each year.

Froese believes the festival is particularly important because it signifies Steveston’s huge impact in the origination of the Metro Vancouver area.

“Steveston is one of the first communities that was ever founded in B.C., its history dates back nearly 140 years. [Steveston] is older than the city of Vancouver itself,” said Janice Froese, Coordinator at Steveston Community Society.

Remembering and celebrating our history is an important part of preserving culture and cultivating identity. The Richmond Agriculture and Industrial Society are passionate about continuing to remind Canadian citizens of their past and remain vigilant on the future and celebrations like the Steveston Salmon Festival are paramount to the continuation of that practice.

Come out and celebrate what it means to be Canadian at the Steveston Salmon Festival. For more information on the festival, visit the website or call 604-238-8080.

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