Do yourself a favour – hire a mortgage broker

The world is a complicated place.

It is said that a home is the most significant purchase people will make in their lifetime and that could not be truer today as the cost of living along with the cost of homes continues to climb.

As populations increase and industries reconfigure, the economy faces more and more challenges that have caused innumerable changes to various regulations that oversee the purchase of assets.

Purchasing a home is competitive, it is confusing and it is a sophisticated process that must be treated with diligence and care.

Thankfully, there are professionals who know the industry inside and out that can help guide purchasers through the loaded decision period. One such professional is Gord Pipkey, owner and broker at Real Mortgage Services in Richmond B.C.

“I have been a licensed mortgage and real estate broker since 1984 in both B.C. and Washington State,” said Gord. “After moving back from Washington in 1994, I have been focused on arranging mortgages whether it be for the first time, second or even third time, for clients through conventional, high ratio CMHC insured or private lenders. I have had clients back from 1994 come back to me for renewals, refinances or for another purchase of another property.”

Over the years, Gord has seen his full-time career extend beyond working hours, becoming intensively rigorous due to the increase in demand for the services mortgage brokers provide in such an onerous market.

“In today’s mortgage lending environment, the tightening of lending regulations introduced last year by the federal government has led to an increased need for an experienced mortgage broker that can navigate the pitfalls of the approval process.”

Purchasing decisions might be tough but with the help of a seasoned industry veteran with extensive knowledge in multiple markets, as well as acknowledgement as the best broker in 2010 by the CMA, there is nobody better suited to handle your mortgage needs than Gord Pipkey.

If you are in need of a mortgage broker or would like more information, contact Gord Pipkey at 604-279-8090 or visit the website

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