Development takes centre stage at this Richmond theatre school

Whether your child is a natural born performer or a little on the shy side, the theatre might be the perfect place to help them find their voice.

That’s the message from Lisa Oppenheim at Lights Up Musical Theatre, a phenomenal company that offers kids and teens access to some amazing classes and camps across the Lower Mainland.

“At Lights Up, we teach musical theatre fundamentals that help students shine on stage and in all aspects of their lives,” Lisa says. “Whether your child randomly bursts into song and dance or is a little shy and needs theatre to find his or her voice, Lights Up is the perfect extracurricular activity.”

Children's development is what takes centre stage at Lights Up where the focus is more about the process than the end production. Through their specially designed classes, Lights Up helps to teach valuable skills including teamwork, problem-solving and creativity to students - all whilst helping them to build confidence and make new friends along the way.

With enthusiastic expert instructors and locations across the Lower Mainland, including right here in Richmond, Lights Up runs a range of weekly classes for children and teens aged between three and 18 years old. From beginner friendly weekend classes designed to unleash your little one’s imagination, to more intensive workshops aimed at budding actors - there’s something to suit everyone.

Alongside their regular schedule of weekly classes, Lights Up Musical Theatre also hostsweek-long holiday camps that are perfect for parents looking to give their children a fun and educational activity during school breaks. 

If you’re interested in enrolling your kids into one of Lights Up Theatre Schools’ classes or camps, visit or call 888-502-5253.

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