Dance company is all about community and camaraderie

When you ask Fonda Bloy the best thing about dancing, she doesn’t say the great exercise, or the ability to do the splits (though both are bonuses). It’s all about the relationships she’s formed with her childhood teachers, the girls she danced alongside as a teen, and the people she teaches at The Next Evolution Dance Company, which she founded five years ago.

Until now, the company has been based out of other dance studios but Bloy is about to take things to the next level with the opening of her own location, a freshly renovated 1,500 sq ft space in Richmond, where she and her team will teach ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, contemporary and hip-hop. “I’ve been really fortunate throughout my training to have had strong relationships, but that’s not always the case in dance, so when I founded my company, I wanted to do something different – to nurture dancers in a dynamic atmosphere,” says Bloy. “We all know each other – the families, siblings, even the dads who sometimes can be excluded from dance. We keep things close knit, supportive and fun. It’s all about camaraderie – let’s help your friend next to you! If someone falls in class, all the other students clap because they want to congratulate their classmate for trying their hardest.”

This positive and supportive atmosphere produces happy students and results – kids participate in exams, competitions and shows and many have gone on to professional careers. But it’s also about steering students through life. “Dance is a really excellent way to learn discipline, time management, and that you get results if you work hard. Also, students are spending their time on something that’s good for their bodies and creativity, not just hanging out,” Bloy says.

When the doors open on September 10, Bloy will be welcoming students of all ages, from pre-schoolers to adults, of every level and experience. “Everyone can get something from dance, whether it’s a career, or just a social experience away from your kids,” she says. Will you learn how to do the splits? Maybe not, but there’ll be a whole community of people cheering you on!

The Next Evolution Dance Company’s new studio is at #7-11220 Voyageur Way, Richmond. Registration is open now. To find out more, call 604-447-0116, email, or follow @tnedance on Instagram and Twitter. 

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