Creating happy clients the goal of skin care centre in Richmond

Shirin Shaghaghi takes great satisfaction in seeing the results of her work.

And when they make her clients feel happy and better about their appearance, the owner of Persona Laser & Skin Care Centre at Blundell Centre, knows she and her staff have done their job well.

“The attraction I had for getting into this business is making people more beautiful, happy, feeling good, and that makes me happy,” she says. “And since the effects are immediate, I can see what we’ve done has been an improvement for a client. And that is very satisfying because I am a people person.”

Persona Laser & Skin Care Centre has been serving clients from the same location since 1987. For the past 12 years, Shaghaghi has been running it and enjoying the opportunity to meet so many people who have come in for treatments that range from laser therapy for hair reduction and vein therapy, to electrolysis and spa services.

“When I see regular clients, it’s the continuation of a relationship with someone I can help make feel better about themselves,” says Shaghaghi, who is trained as a medical aesthetician who specializes in laser treatments.

The most popular service she provides using the high-tech device is hair removal.

And it’s not just for women.

“A lot of guys come in and get their backs, shoulders, neck lines, and even their cheeks treated,” Shaghaghi says. “So, it’s pretty popular.”

The laser is also used on sun-damaged skin, correcting pigmentation, and treats fine lines and wrinkles by increasing the collagen.

“It’s a very effective tool that requires a skilled and qualified technician.”

Other services at Persona Laser & Skin Care Centre include microblading and permanent makeup application.

“For those clients who feel they don’t have the right shape for their eyebrows, microblading is an option,” Shaghaghi says. “We can create them which better suits their face.

“We also have something that is pretty advanced and that’s for cellulite reduction,” Shaghaghi adds.

Called lipomassage, it was developed in France and uses rollers and suction to massage and break up fat cells to smooth the skin.

“It treats areas that are hard to reduce with normal exercise and dieting,” Shaghaghi says. “And it’s not painful. That’s the great thing about it.”

On the spa side, the salon pampers clients with nail care, facials, waxing, and eyebrow tinting.

For more information about Persona Laser & Skin Care Centre, visit, email, or call 604-275-1205.

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