Cool new mobile freezer company launches in Richmond

Many viewers of the hit TV show, Dragons’ Den, are impressed by the business ideas featured in the series. But few end up partnering with the entrepreneurs and opening branches of their businesses with them.

That’s exactly what happened for Andrew Caras and his fiancé Ronalee Dumond, who were so blown away by the idea for a portable walk-in freezer cooler presented by two firefighters on the show, that they ended up reaching out to the entrepreneurs and launching a branch of their business.

Caras and Dumond are now the proud owners of Capital Cooler Rentals’ third location in Richmond (the other two are in Regina and Ottawa, with others pending). Servicing the Lower Mainland, their fleet of walk-in freezer coolers are available for hire to provide food and beverage storage for private and public outdoor events including music festivals, weddings, sports tournaments, and more. Capital Cooler Rentals also supports restaurants, hotels and cafes when the establishment’s own equipment breaks down or when they undergo renovations. Coolers are available for rent in daily, three-day, weekly, or monthly increments. They deliver an empty unit to a site, pickup after the event is done, then thoroughly clean them for the next client. The units are very quiet as they are completely electrical, using a standard 110-volt receptacle.

In this new venture with his partner, they are looking forward to providing their clients with the top-notch customer service. “(While working for any employer) I always provided the highest level of customer service which my customers always recognized, but few times by management,” he explains, “and now, this high-level of service will be recognized by all our clients, in a business WE own!”

Caras and Dumond are also excited about offering a unique product to their clients: Capital Coolers’ portable coolers are unlike any others available in Vancouver, bringing temperatures down to -12 degrees. “These are true restaurant grade, used in the food industry,” Caras explains. The coolers are especially helpful if a restaurant or hotel needs to preserve food when their systems break down during a renovation or even in the case of a natural disaster.

With the company’s support at the Vaisakhi Festival,  booking at Steveston’s Salmon Day Festival and a lineup of tentative bookings supporting some of Vancouver’s most high-profile events, it’s safe to say Capital Coolers can expect their first summer in business to be a sizzling hot one, or in this case, pretty “COOL”.

For more information about Capital Cooler Rentals, visit or call 1-877-626-6537.

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