Buying meat the ‘old-fashioned’ way ensures taste and quality

The time-honoured tradition of shopping at a butcher is alive and well at Blundell Centre where customers are served meat products that are not only high in quality, but unique in nature.

Since 2006, Amron’s Gourmet Meats has been providing the service with locally sourced and cut beef, chicken, turkey, plus game meats such as bison, deer, elk and even ostrich.

“We have free-range and grass-fed local B.C. products that have no preservatives,” says Gurjeet Chahal who runs the business with his wife. “The vast majority is lactose and gluten-free, as well there are no colours added at all.”

And unlike most other mainstream grocery chains that carry U.S. produced meats that end up in this market as frozen items, Amron’s Gourmet Meats only offers fresh products.

“Plus we cut and clean everything in the store,” Chahal says. “That way, our customers know exactly what is going into their order. It’s 100 per cent what they asked for.

“Other big chains also clean and pack their meats in places as far away as Calgary.”

So, when Amron’s talks about local meat, that means it has come from producers in the Lower Mainland and the Fraser Valley.

“It’s from no more than 100 km away,” he Chahal says.

While the cost for all of this might be a little higher than big box or chain grocery stores, the superiority is in the eating.

“It’s way better,” Chahal says. “You won’t find any substandard meat products with us. With our chicken, you will not find any chewy, tough pieces that you might get from a large producer.

“If you use a local butcher like me who cleans and cuts locally raised products in-house, the meat stays tender.”

For more exotic meats, Amron’s has a selection of products that include buffalo, elk, deer and ostrich.

Some of those products are sourced locally, while others are imported from eastern Canada, the U.S. and overseas.

“Our venison comes from Alberta and sometimes New Zealand,” Chahal says.

Customers who are into physical fitness programs and closely watch what they eat tend to be fans of the leaner meats, such as buffalo and deer.

“The fat, protein and iron contents are totally different than regular beef or chicken,” he says.

For more information about Amron’s Gourmet Meats, visit their website at or call 604-277-8682.

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