Asian grocery chain opens flagship in Richmond

Did you know that Canada’s largest T&T Supermarket opened on August 16, 2018 at Lansdowne Centre in Richmond? The sprawling 70,000-square-foot space is the 11th T&T store in B.C., and the 26th in Canada.

The launch was celebrated with an opening party on August 16 where T &T brand drinks and snacks were given out, and the first 400 lucky customers received gift cards. There was also a six-foot dragon made out of hundreds of pieces of sushi, which customers later had the opportunity to devour.

This flagship T&T store is the first location to offer self-checkout counters (14 to be exact), which minimize customer wait time. There is also a Seafood Bar where customers select fresh seafood to be cooked by the on-site chef. Here, customers can choose the cooking method and can pick from a variety of sauces.

In T&T Supermarket’s produce section, there is a serviced weight station allowing customers to obtain detailed weight information, in turn speeding up the check-out process.

In order to cater to the tastes of various cultures, T&T Supermarket at Lansdowne Centre offers an array of produce, meat and seafood options.This includesready-to-cook products by “Tru Gourmet” offered exclusively at T&T; an organic produce and salad section (which includes a large selection of mushrooms), and South East Asian imported seafood.

The store also boasts over 30 Asian Street Food dishes from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. There is Popcorn Chicken, a famous snack from Taiwan’s night market, Lamb Soup and Sesame Crispy Cake, anostalgic Northern Chinese breakfast item, and Steamed Rice Rolls, which are a classic representation of Hong Kong culinary delights.

To finish off their meals, customers can enjoy a cup of coffee from the on-site Starbucks shop.

They can also select among different combinations of Chinese herbs and grains for making powdered drinks, which can be ground in-store. Finally, T&T Supermarket Lansdowne has an in-house pharmacy providing both English and Chinese instruction for medication.

Located next to the Lansdowne Skytrain Station (which is part of the Canada Line), the store is easily accessible for those taking transit, while customers with cars can take advantage of the ample parking stalls.

Find T&T Supermarket at Unit #MAJ1, 8311 Lansdowne Road, Richmond. The grocery chain is the newest addition to Lansdowne Centre, along with other restaurants, stores and services such as Thinka, Zuri Fashion, Donair Spot, Canadian Ice Wine Exports and Dolar Shop Hotpot. 

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