A feast for the senses arrives in Vancouver

Vancouver’s most exciting Contemporary Chinese Art Gallery is a feast for the senses. Sunzen Art Gallery, located at 420 Howe Street, is the City’s first mixed retail/exhibition space that combines high-end art, furniture, aromatics, premium Pu’erh teas, and more.

“Our idea for Sunzen is that of a cultural hub for Vancouver which combines the essence of Chinese cultural works with an immersive environment that invites visitors and business people alike to make use of our unique space for social occasions, business meetings, or just quiet reflection,” says Maggie Pan, Sunzen Gallery co-founder.

“Our offerings, along with our designed location, are truly representative of Vancouver’s position on the leading edge of the Asia-Pacific.”

Sunzen Art Gallery’s officially opened on November 16, 2018, a date that coincided with the founding date of her sister location in Qingdao, China. With over 5,000 square feet of curated space, Sunzen’s location and contents will beckon to those who appreciate contemporary Chinese art and designs, including treasures from well-known painting and calligraphy master Xu Bei Hong; Danqing, Ming and Qing style furniture; authentic ceramics, and of course, rare Pu’erh teas that delight the senses.

“It’s truly a never-seen-before cultural feast for the senses under one elegant roof,” said Mrs. Pan.

To find out more about Sunzen Art Gallery, visit their website, call 604-265-6677, or drop by 420 Howe St in Vancouver.

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