4 reasons you should pre-arrange your funeral

Should you pre-arrange your funeral?

While it may not be something you’re keen to think about, particularly when you’re in good health and enjoying life, Andrew Knapman, Location Manager at Forest Lawn Funeral Home in Burnaby – and along with Ocean View Funeral Home is part of the Dignity Memorial® Network of funeral home and cemetery providers – is quick to point out that it can make things a lot easier for your loved ones in a very difficult time.

“In the Dignity network, there are thousands of people who have taken the responsible step of pre-arranging their funerals, just as they would any other part of their estate planning,” says Andrew. “It’s a really sensible approach to take when planning for the future.”

Still not sure? Here are four reasons why pre-arranging your funeral makes sense:

1.     Less worry for loved ones

“When you pre-arrange your funeral,” Andrew explains, “you’re relieving your family of the burden of having to make difficult decisions when grieving. They also won’t have to worry about funeral expenses.” With a pre-arranged plan, family members can sit down with a compassionate funeral director who will guide them through what’s been pre-arranged and discuss dates and times for the service.

2.     Making your wishes known

Another worry for any family when a loved one dies is making sure that the funeral arrangements are in keeping with what the deceased would have wanted. “Pre-arranging your funeral means that you’ve made the decision of what type of service you want – traditional or less formal – whether you want burial or cremation, whether your cremated remains will be scattered or interred, and so on,” says Andrew. “Your family won’t be left to second guess what you would have wanted in their time of grief.”

3.     Lock in at today’s prices

“When you prearrange your funeral with Dignity Memorial®,” says Andrew, “you also pre-pay. This means that if prices rise, and there are bound to be price increases over the years, your plan is locked in at the price in effect at the time of arrangement.” Again, no surprises or worry for your family and loved ones.

4.     Finding the value and quality you want

Dignity Memorial® recognizes that investigating the different funeral options is an important part of making your final arrangements. Comparing the various products and services of funeral providers allows you to find the quality of service that’s right for you and your family. Sitting down with an experienced director will help you understand all your options.

To learn more about pre-arranging your funeral at the Forest Lawn or Ocean View funeral homes in Burnaby, call 1-800-34-DIGNITY or go to the Forest Lawn website or the Ocean View website. Forest Lawn is at 3789 Royal Oak Ave. and Ocean View is at 4000 Imperial St. 

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