10 ways you can benefit from a therapeutic massage

Edward Chang is a trained Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) at Sense Massage in Richmond; he works closely with clients every day to help relieve their stress and chronic pain.

If you're wondering how a therapeutic massage could help your body, Edward offers the following list of benefits:

1.     Relieve soreness and tightness

A relaxing massage goes a long way to make the body just feel better.

2.     Increase local blood circulation

"When the muscle becomes tight," Edward explains, "blood vessels are squeezed leading to an insufficient blood supply to the area. With a massage, we can open up the capillaries to improve the circulation. This leads to an increased cell to cell exchange of nutrients, which helps improve recovery."

3.     Decrease the body's natural flight or fight response to injury or stress

Edward notes that during stressful events as work deadlines, exams, high-pressure situations, the body's nervous system is heightened. Prolonged periods of stress can take a toll on the body. "A massage helps calm the system down," he says.

4.     Increase the quality of sleep

"There is research to show that a regular massage improves the delta waves, or deep sleep cycle, helping you sleep better," Edward says.

5.     Decrease recovery time from injury

The improved sleep quality that you experience after a massage will in turn decrease your recovery time after an injury. Our bodies heal better and faster while we are asleep.

6.     Help manage anxiety and depression

"We've become a society of busy and isolated people," notes Edward. "We don’t have a lot of time for physical touch and contact, but it's really important because this is how we've always communicated. A lack of touch and compassion can lead to anxiety and depression. This is why people often feel mentally better after a massage."

7.     Alleviate tension headaches

"Tension headaches have a lot to do with muscle tightness," Edward explains. "A therapeutic massage can help relieve the tightness."

8.     Improves posture and flexibility

"Bad posture creates tension in the neck and shoulders. Regular massages can help improve posture."

9.     Increase the body's immune response

"People who have regular massages have less sick time," says Edward. "This has to do with the nervous system and circulation. If the body is under chronic stress, the immune system won't work as well."

10.  Help ease pregnancy pain

Pregnant women especially can benefit from massage, according to Edward.

"A massage will help ease some pain and discomfort during pregnancy and contribute to an easier labour. Many pregnant women have issues with back pain and leg cramps. A massage will help."

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