Hong Kong and Taiwan: Two unforgettable stories, one easy trip

Whether you're looking for a fast-paced vibrant city vacation or a more relaxed green experience, Hong Kong and Taiwan offer different but complementary adventures.

"Hong Kong and Taiwan are complementary in many ways," says Michael Lim, Director of Canada, Central and South America for the Hong Kong Tourism Board. "Hong Kong tends toward the cosmopolitan, the fusion of east and west. Taiwan offers a wonderful green, outdoor experience rich in culture."

Taken together, the two destinationswill appeal to any visitor looking for an authentic cultural experience.

"The contrast of city life and green nature makes us the perfect combination to attract visitors with diverse experiences," says Linda Lin, Director – San Francisco Office of the Taiwan Tourism Bureau.

A favourite tourist attraction in Taiwan is Jiufen, a preserved old village with streets filled with shops and restaurants. Kenting is a paradise for the beach lover and Taroko Gorge is a unique marble gorge offering a natural landscape that is unmatched for its beauty.

"Hong Kong and Taiwan are just a short hop, skip and a jump away from each other," Michael notes. "Many people use Hong Kong as a jumping off point for other Asian destinations, such as Thailand or Mainland China, but what they may not realize is that Taiwan is only a 95-minute flight away. People can experience both cultures and destinations easily thanks to frequent and easy connections between Hong Kong and Taiwan."

The best time to travel to Hong Kong and Taiwan is in the spring or fall. With a subtropical monsoon climate, both destinations experience humid summers and short, relatively mild winters. Springtime offers cool evenings and the fall months have pleasant breezes and perfect temperatures.

"Plan on staying at least a week," says Michael. "Both the cities of Hong Kong and Taipei offer a wonderful public transportation system that facilitates visiting all the hot tourist spots and for getting around easily."

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