Get a grip: why the grips on your golf club are so important

Every golfer knows that the game of golf has too many variables to completely control, even if you’re Jordan Spieth or Tiger Woods. That’s what makes the game so unpredictable… and so wonderfully addictive: your next mind-blowing shot is always just one shot away.

So is the worst shot you’ve ever made in your life.

It’s because of this that experienced golfers seek to gain whatever control over the game they can. And most pros agree that starts with the grip on your golf clubs.

As the only part of the golf club you actually touch during the swing, the grip is focal point for the entire game. If your grip is old and worn out or the wrong fit for your hands, it will have a serious impact on your score.

Golf club grips are made out of materials that wear down over time, and everything from heat to skin oil affects how long your grips will last. Fresh grips equal a more confident swing. And a more confident swing means the right wrist movement and a more predictable result.  

Good grips start with a proper fitting. After that, you should expect to change your grips every 40 rounds or so. The cost is usually between $75 and $130.

Whether you’re an experienced golfer or new to the sport, it’s worth it.

“Getting your grip right is essential in golf,” says Brent Derrheim, head pro at Beach Grove Golf Club. “If your grips are wrong or you’ve worn them out, your game is definitely going to suffer.”

Similar to the way you get sized for the right length of club, you also need to get the right grips for your hands. A ribbed grip has a small ridge that runs the length of the inside of the grip, for example. Some golfers benefit from feeling the rib in their upper hand because it reminds them of the proper hand placement. For others, its distracting.

“You need to try out different grips and see what’s right for you,” says Derrheim. “But it’s just as important that you replace them regularly.”

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