Delta Marketplace for finance and legal professionals

Whether you are a starting a new business, getting married or purchasing a home, it is essential to have a solid legal and finance team in place to support you. A trustworthy and experienced accountant will be the cornerstone of your small business and can also assist with you and your family’s personal tax returns, ensuring you maximize your tax deductions, among many other services.

A financial planner or advisor can support you in creating a financial strategy to achieve all of your life goals such as saving for a down payment to buy a car, a home, or putting aside extra money to start a family, or to take a family vacation. These professionals can also ensure you’re setting yourself up for a joyful and abundant retirement filled with all of the activities you like to do. Finally, having a good notary public on speed dial is helpful once it comes time to renew your passport, to have a will and testament notarized or to have other important contract signings witnessed.

While you’d like to think you can trust all legal and finance professionals, there should be some diligence exercised in selecting one to work with. First, we suggest you ask friends and family for recommendations. You could also peruse local directories such as our Marketplace of Financial and Legal professionals, where we’ve gathered some of the top-rated professionals in the Delta area.

Once you’ve narrowed down a list of a few potentials, it’s a good idea to sit down with them for a brief interview before you go ahead and hire them. You want to ensure that you are a good match as you will be working closely with this individual, and entrusting them with some of you and your family’s most confidential information, hopefully for years to come. 

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