You’re back at the office. Here’s how office lunches can return safely, too

As people start returning to the office, what will happen to the catered office lunch?

If local chef Ken Ou gets his way, sharing a meal together won’t be a thing of the past. However, in these times when sharing food means risking the spread of the coronavirus, some things will have to change.

“It’s not safe to provide food from a common serving plate or bowl any more,” says the owner of Foodies on Board, a Burnaby-based restaurant and catering service. (It also delivers groceries and offers its own line of delicious meal kits, as well as organic fruit and vegetable powders, but more on that later.)

That’s why Foodies on Board now offers individual packaged catering choices for business and social gatherings. Instead of having people line up for their turn to choose from a delicious array of naturally sourced and attentively prepared foods, or passing a platter around the table, each person gets their own pre-ordered meal from extensive menu options, including gluten-free, paleo or keto.

“We’ve found a way to let everyone to enjoy the camaraderie of the office lunch without compromising their safety,” he says.

Early in the shutdown, Chef Ken noticed that clients were finding it hard to source supplies. On his new online e-market, customers have a wide array of groceries including high-quality meats and seafood, market vegetables, seasonal fruits, dry goods, frozen foods, and drinks and beers. Chef Ken has sourced products that live up to his high standards for freshness and taste. People can spice up their meals with the restaurant’s sauces or they can order a complete meal kit that takes all the guesswork out of the preparation. Deliveries are available throughout the Lower Mainland.

Another new exciting venture is the powdered fruit and vegetable mixes he has created. Tired of plain water? Add a tablespoon of his organic blueberry powder and you have a refreshing new taste sensation. Worried you’re not getting all your nutrients? The vegetable powders are a perfect addition to any smoothie.

“What makes these powders special is that there are no additives. You can mix and match to come up with your own creation,” he says. His morning favourite is mixing pumpkin, kale and blueberry powders into his smoothie.

“It’s very versatile and convenient, especially if you’re in the office all day,” he says.

To find out more about how Foodies on Board can add creativity, taste and ease to your work and home life, visit their website at

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