Wednesday night Bible study offers explorations of Christian faith

If you’ve been searching for a place to explore the Christian faith, the Reading Room in Burnaby invites you to drop by on Wednesday evenings for their weekly Bible study sessions.  

The newly-built Reading Room is open to anyone of any faith and was designed to provide people with a safe, comfortable, and non-confrontational environment in which to come together to learn more about Christianity.

The Reading Room is operated by Willoughby Heights Canadian Reformed Church and each Wednesday, they study a different part of the Bible and discuss its meaning. One week they might discuss the creation and fall of mankind; another week, they could be discussing God’s plan to redeem His Church.

“We discuss the Christian faith, ask questions about it, and consider its history,” says one volunteer, a church member of Willoughby Heights Canadian Reformed Church. “We have different confessions, study them as they relate back to the Bible, and apply it to the context of modern day living.”

The Bible study draws from texts in the English Standard Version or New International Version published in 1984.

As a church member, one volunteer has seen many fellow church members feeling lost in the hustle and bustle of modern day life. And this volunteer sees the Bible study sessions at the Reading Room as a way for people to feel more grounded and ask questions about life.

“It’s an interesting challenge,” the volunteer says. “I see a lot of people with questions about life in general—the purpose of life, the meaninglessness of life. During Bible study and in the Reading Room, we can offer an alternative line of thought for those struggling with these questions.”

Bible study at the Reading Room in Burnaby attracts a range of people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures, ages and experiences.

Since opening its doors last July, attendance has steadily grown.

“We’ve generally had groups of eight consistently attending,” says one volunteer. “And it varies right across the board, both men and women, all different ages. Different people drop by with different interests. The space probably allows for about 15 people, but nobody will be turned down.”

Bible study at the Reading Room in Burnaby takes place Wednesday evenings at 8 p.m.

To learn more about Bible study sessions at the Reading Room, or to see which topics are being covered that week, visit their website, send them an email or drop by the Reading Room at 5272 Grimmer Street in Burnaby.

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