The future is frozen: A look at M&M Food Market franchise opportunities

An iconic and trusted Canadian brand, M&M Food Market, is well known for its high-quality foods. Since the first store opened its doors in 1980 in Kitchener, Ontario it has become Canada’s leading retailer of frozen foods, with more than 1,500 locations across the country.

A lot has changed over the past 40 years, and M&M Food Market has had to adapt and respond to economic downturns, changing consumer tastes and an increasingly competitive retail environment.

It’s these experiences and lessons that have positioned M&M Food Market as a strong and resilient franchise opportunity, even as the future remains uncertain and volatile for many businesses.

Adapting to a changing market to better serve Canadians

The most recent changes to M&M Food Market started with a significant rebranding and repositioning campaign in 2016.

After updating the name to reflect a wider range of products, M&M Food Market introduced a modern store design, new packaging, eCommerce, online ordering functionality and newly trained in-store meal advisors to provide better customer service.

These changes make it easier and more convenient for customers to come into the store, discover new products and find delicious, easy to make meals that the whole family will enjoy.

The market has also revamped its entire food portfolio, becoming the only national food retailer in Canada with absolutely no artificial colours, flavours, or sweeteners in any of their more than 450 products.

A commitment to a safe and comfortable shopping experience

This long history of adapting to change meant that M&M Food Market was well positioned to respond to the sudden and rapid impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. As an essential service, M&M Food Market has remained open and operating in local communities across Canada, providing an alternative to restaurants as Canadians cook more meals at home and look for other ways to celebrate with family and friends.

From the beginning, M&M Food Market has implemented strict, national cleaning and sanitization procedures at all stores.

Physical distancing, protective shields, curbside pick up and other measures have also been implemented at all locations so customers can shop in a safe, comfortable and consistent environment no matter which location they visit.

This past year, M&M Food Market saw a rapid increase in the use of online services, such as pick up and delivery. In response, M&M Food Market continued to optimize online ordering, curbside pickup and delivery services.

Delivery is now offered by more than two-thirds of locations and will continue to be rolled out across the country so that Canadians can choose the option that is best for them.

In support of franchise partners, M&M Food Market has taken steps to ensure a safe and consistent supply of products to their stores across the country. They are working with supply chain partners to meet increased demand and minimize disruption to inventory so that stores are well-stocked and products are available when customers come through the door.

Through it all, M&M Food Market has remained an active member of the communities they operate in. Franchise partners are working with local charities and community groups, and during the pandemic, M&M Food Market worked with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada and HelpAge Canada to help those most affected by the pandemic.

A franchise opportunity well positioned for the future

While the past year has seen a lot of economic uncertainty, M&M Food Market remains a strong, stable and resilient opportunity for franchise partners. As a recognized brand that offers an essential service to millions of Canadians, M&M Food Market franchise partners have been able to make it through the downturn and come out on the other side stronger and better positioned for the future.

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