Sea Glass Wealth Advisory Group: Planning for an extraordinary life

“Planning is a really important part of what we do,” says Tracey Lundell of Sea Glass Wealth Advisory Group, a team that’s part of Harbourfront Wealth Management. “We spend a lot of time in discovery with our clients so that we really understand their goals and desired outcomes; then, together, we design a plan to help you get there.”

With over 55 years cumulative financial experience between the three Sea Glass Wealth Advisory Group team members, Tracey Lundell, Kristina Thomas and Sheryl Thomas, have all worked in the financial industry.

“We have an understanding of everything from basic chequing accounts all the way through to very complex investment planning solutions,” Tracey explains.

The Sea Glass Wealth Advisory Group team enjoys planning for families that are looking to transition wealth between generations.

“Because we’re an all-female team, we tend to meet the women in the family first,” says Tracey, “but we involve all family members in planning for inter-generational wealth transfer.”

Tracey and her colleagues advise meeting with them first, before launching into the planning process.

“The first meeting,” says Tracey “is more a ‘get-to-know’ session, where we decide if we’re a good fit for the client. The second meeting is more detailed and personal and we outline any costs that will be involved for our services. There’s no cost before a client decides that they’re happy working with us.”

In addition to investment planning, Sea Glass Wealth Advisory Group team members also hold informational workshops and seminars.

“We hold sessions here at Harbourfront Wealth offices, off-site at work places, or in public spaces. Contact us for a schedule of events.”

For more information on Sea Glass Wealth Advisory Group, call 604.358.3123, visit the website, email, or visit the office at 310-15252 32nd Ave, Surrey, BC.Tracey can also be found on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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