Reasons to use a VPN and why it’s necessary

When the Internet was born, many considered it a doorway to a free world.

The term “global village” was invented, meaning the entire world would turn into a single village with greater connectivity. Visionaries saw a world sharing its knowledge and culture more easily with other nations.

This, however, was not to be.

Some governments refrain from giving too much freedom to its population.

Even today, most governments love censoring content in their respective countries. Some block websites. Others block certain types of apps or services.

The Great Firewall of China is one example of restrictions as thousands of websites are blocked each year.

Elsewhere, you may be surprised to learn VoIP services offered by WhatsApp and Skype don’t work in the UAE.

You cannot access Netflix, and other streaming services in Iran because of government censorship.

WhatsApp was banned in Brazil for not providing chat data to the government. Twitter was blocked in Turkey because the government didn’t like some tweets being shared.

If these restrictions were not enough, private brands also started blocking websites in many countries. This usually applies to services such as HBO Now, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

Even channels available in other countries offer limited libraries to users because of a practice called geo-licensing.

These licences restrict streaming channels from sharing content outside their respective regions.

Internet security has also been a major issue.

Gone are the days when thieves looted banks or your wallets to earn money. Today, they plunder from the comfort of their laptop.

They have learned the art of hacking into people’s devices by looking for loopholes to exploit. When found, they hack inside a device or account and steal data that can be used for blackmail or sold on the dark web.

Most victims are those who use public Wi-Fi in coffee shops or hotels. In case you’re not aware, public Wi-Fi is unsecure.

Even with a password they can be hacked.

How can a VPN help?

VPN is a network of servers spread across the world. Connecting to any of them changes your IP address. This is helpful so you can enjoy complete Internet freedom.

Moreover, VPNs offer encryption against online threats, is unbreakable, and can’t be bypassed by hackers or cybercriminals.

Even major surveillance agencies, including the FBI, cannot break through.

Before choosing a VPN find one with the largest server network and impressive security features.

PureVPN is recommended because it offers a server network of more than 2,000 servers in 140 countries, and has encryption and dedicated Wi-Fi security.

PureVPN can be configured on various devices such as iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, routers, Smart TVs, etc.

It’s one of the most reliable VPN services around, a fact acknowledged by top publications such as CNET and Trustpilot.

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