Profiles of Excellence: Tuesday’s Drycleaners

There are certain truths in business, no matter the industry.

Be the best at what you do, work hard, and above all, treat every customer with honesty and respect. Without all of those characteristics, it’s hard – even impossible – to succeed.

At Tuesday’s Drycleaners on Kingsway, it’s these traits that have helped them carve out a growing reputation and a loyal customer base here in Burnaby over the last few years.

“We are known for our great customer service and knowledge, and for our fast service and presentation of the item once the order is completed,” said Kulwaranjit Atwal, who owns Tuesday’s Drycleaners. “We have specialty expertise in stain removal, wedding gown cleaning, and household items such as duvets and curtains, as well as steaming.”

But their services cover a broad range, including altering and tailoring services.

“If there’s a rip or a tear that seems non-fixable, we can give them suggestions on what one can do to fix it, especially for items that are particularly important to a person,” she said.

Atwal notes that they use a special process that is eco-friendly, which is available at only a few drycleaners in the region.

“This is very important to us. We use a solvent that is friendly for the environment and for ourselves and the cleaning agents are not as strong and harsh compared to regular dry-cleaning services elsewhere,” she said. “We are one of only a few drycleaners with this option currently.”

Though there are businesses in Vancouver with the same name, Atwal says that their location is not connected to their independently operated business.

“My husband and I own this business,” she said. “We have a staff of employees that help out with pressing, cleaning and cashier services,” she said. “I handle the cleaning services myself because I have 20-plus years of experience in this industry and knowledge of the materials,” she said. “This really is a family business and I have tremendous support from my children and husband.”

They have been in operation since 2017, and thanks to Atwal’s background and business savvy, the business has continued to grow ever since.

“We love being in Burnaby – there’s so many businesses and it’s so convenient for working people to come by and drop their items off here before or after work” she said, noting that their location on Kingsway near Metrotown is central and easy to access.

The response from customers has been fantastic. She says many new customers find them through their high google reviews, but also through current customers offering recommendations to friends and family.

For Atwal, hearing that someone has appreciated and recognized their quality and services, and given their name to someone else, is rewarding – and a sign that their approach is a positive one, with a large focus on integrity and value.

“Excellence is exhibited through honesty and trust, by the services you provide to your community,” she said. “My philosophy is to be honest and loyal and my motto is that we treat clothes like our own.”

With such a strong start over the last few years, it’s not hard to imagine that they’ll reach their goal of opening another location in the city.

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