Profiles of Excellence: GKS Law Firm

The field of law can have a reputation for being impersonal or even intimidating. But for Gail Sharma, principal lawyer at GKS Law Firm, the approach is the exact opposite: ensuring each client feels comfortable, safe, and well cared for, and then providing them with the best legal representation possible.

“I chose law because I wanted to help those who couldn’t help themselves,” she says. “I knew my strength was advocacy for others and I wanted to use that to help others. I love that we are helping people.”

GKS focuses on representing people who have been injured at work and are seeking Workers’ Compensation benefits.

“Our focus is solely WCB law,” she said. “This gives us an edge compared to someone that has never gone through this process before and enables us to adapt quickly to changes in the system.”

The team there – including Sharma and associate lawyers Pamela M. Young and Jesse Guenther, along with legal assistant Raveena Dhindsa – have a combined 20-plus years experience in this area of law.

Perhaps more importantly, they’re all uniquely dedicated to these types of cases.

“I created this firm in order to bring together lawyers that were interested in this unique area of law and wanted to help injured workers,” she said. “We have three lawyers who are passionate about their work and trying to get justice for our clients, and our assistant really connects with our clients on a personal basis.”

Sharma says one of her key goals was to build a strong reputation for this area of law so that clients would be able to find them easily and would know they were well taken care of.

“This is often a very difficult time in their lives so we want to reduce the stress related to having to figure out whether they are being fairly compensated and, if not, what to do about it,” she said. “These individuals’ lives have changed and they are expected to not only try to heal from their injuries but know their rights and figure out how to go about getting what they are entitled to by way of compensation. I love that I am able to help relieve the stress and allow our clients to focus on healing.”

While based in Burnaby, the firm also has a location in Surrey and are able to work with clients from throughout the region and province.

“Our clients come from all over BC, thanks to technology and the ability to represent people that aren’t able to come to our offices,” she said.

The focus, at every step, is being unmatched in the degree of service and quality for each and every client.

“For us, excellence means doing first class work,” she said. “To reach such a level means putting it all out there and pouring your heart and soul into your work. This is why our lawyers are committed to this area of law and making entire careers out of it. It’s not a job for us. It simply means being the best.”

The firm offers free consultations for people to determine if retaining a lawyer is the best choice.

“We want people to know we are here for them. If they are dealing with WCB, they don’t have to do it alone.”

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