New campus brings more opportunities to students

As the world continues to evolve and advance, so too should education. This is the founding belief behind one private school’s new campus that is slated to open in the fall of next year.

Urban Academy’s new campus will be located conveniently in New Westminster near a bustling SkyTrain station, easily accessed from neighbouring Burnaby and Tri-City areas. The innovative learning space will redefine how traditional primary and secondary schools are built.

With over 50,000 square feet spanning five stories, the new Urban Academy campus is engineered to be conducive to the specific learning and development needs of the full gamut of students, from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

With a technology hub, science lab, media learning centre and classrooms that will be fully equipped with modern learning technologies, students at Urban Academy will be prepared to enter a world where innovation and technology are becoming increasingly more prevalent, in any and every industry and field. Bolstered by multi-purpose and flexible learning spaces that facilitate the inquiry-based learning approach, Urban Academy students will be encouraged to collaborate with and learn from one another.

The new campus’s facilities are more than simply great, new ideas. Rather, they have been handpicked and designed to promote Urban Academy’s creative learning philosophy. Focusing on the creative aspects in learning, students are encouraged to develop their own processes and express themselves and their understandings through the arts and technology. With every innovative facility comes an equally dynamic learning approach. The community kitchen, performing arts and music theatre, and outdoor areas designed for gardens are all part of Urban Academy’s vision to make education innovative, and learning effective.

To find out more about Urban Academy, visit, call 604-524-2211, or email You can also find Urban Academy on Facebook.

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