Live your best life with these Burnaby Heights businesses

If you live in Burnaby you may think you need to venture into Downtown Vancouver to access the highest-quality goods and services. But that’s far from true, especially considering how many great merchants there are right here in the municipality of Burnaby.

Burnaby is experiencing exciting growth in recent years, with new restaurants, retailers and services opening up in areas such as Burnaby Heights.

There are many interesting eateries and cafes, some new, some which have been serving regular customers for decades.

There are also a number of reputable professionals, including lawyers, dentists and doctors who can support you through life’s transitions.

When you need to do your weekly shopping, you could head to the big box grocery stores, or you could make your shopping experience more personal by visiting the local Burnaby Heights merchants, such as bakers, butchers and produce shops serving up fresh, locally sourced goods.

But with all of the quality merchants and service-providers in the area, it can be hard to know which ones to peruse. You could ask friends and family members for recommendations but it’s always great to get an expert opinion. That’s where The Heights Marketplace comes in. We’ve curated a directory of some of the businesses in the area that can help you live your best life right here in Burnaby!

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