Leveraging can be a powerful corporate strategy to diversify your investments

Are you looking for a tax-efficient way to access your company’s surplus?

Bridge to Prosperity, a unique business and wealth management firm, offers an effective strategy called leveraging.

Leveraging allows you to diversify your investments so that your money is not tied up in one investment – your business.

It also allows you to build wealth outside your company and accelerate your retirement income while magnifying your returns.

If you maximized your RRSP contributions and other tax-saving strategies, have a strong and stable income, long investment horizon and good credit, this strategy may be for you.

How is it done?

·      A business owner takes out a personal investment loan and invests in personally owned non-registered investments

·      The business owner then withdraws money from the corporation to pay the interest on the personal loan by taking an additional salary, bonus or dividend

·      On their tax return, the business owner offsets the additional income by claiming the interest expenses they paid for servicing the loan

This strategy allows business owners to utilize corporate funds in a tax-efficient way in order to accelerate their personal wealth and to maximize their estate value at death by potentially reducing capital gains exposure.

Bridge to Prosperity’s goal is to help business owners, professionals and individuals enhance and protect their assets, using advanced tax-efficient strategies. 

To find out more about leveraging and how it can work for you, contact Bridge to Prosperity at info@bridgetoprosperity.comvisit their website bridgetoprosperity.com, or call 778-776-4334.

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