Installing screens on oversized windows and doors

Do you have a large opening or window you’re unable to leave open because you can’t find a screen that will fit?

“A lot of things can find their way through a twenty foot opening,” jokes Darrell Bedford, Director of Brand Communication at Wizard Screens. “Without a screen, you could end up with a houseful of unwanted guests.”

Fortunately, there’s VistaView Large Opening Retractable Screensfrom Wizard Industries. VistaView screens are designed for bigger doors and windows and can cover a span of almost thirty feet with ease.  

“Opening up such a large space has a massive positive impact on the home environment,” says Bedford. “The amount of fresh air it allows to circulate is incredible, particularly in the warmer months.”

With so many homeowners concerned about their environmental footprint, installing a large screen like VistaView is a great way to lower electricity usage and improve the air quality.

It’s not just for homeowners, however. The construction industry has long since known the value of screens, using them for stacker doors, curtain walls, telescoping walls and slide door systems. Wizard’s VistaView screens have drawn raves.   

“Our customers know that when they buy screens from us, they’re going to last,” says Bedford.  “And our ability to custom fit our screens to just about any size and shape means that you know ahead of time that you’re going to be able to find something that works with whatever sized opening your trying to cover.”

Equipped with the typical screen door features, VistaView also has a handle braking system to ensure that the doors close with ease and a zippered track for security.

If you have a large opening in your home, it’s usually there because of a great view. Installing a screen will allow you to enjoy the view, the fresh air and the sounds of nature. And with the latest in screen technology, you don’t need to worry about security.

For more information about VistaView Large Opening Retractable Screensfrom Wizard Industries, call 604-299-4426, or visit Wizard’s website.

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